Garments are made of different fabrics. To keep garments looking fresh and new, you always need to read the manufacturer’s care label attached to the garment before washing, ironing, drying and storing.

Here are some Helpful Tips.

1. Washing
  • Wash dark colour items separately.
  • Make sure the washing powder is not clumpy.
  • Hand wash delicate garments in cold water, use mild soap, and rinse well. Do not soak or bleach.
  • Do the zips up prior to washing dresses.

2. Drying
  • Never dry garments in the tumble dryer unless the care label says it is okay
  • Line dry delicate garments in the shade
  • Dry knitwear by laying it
  • It is best not to leave garments out too long in strong sunlight

3. Ironing
  • Do not iron embellishments
  • Turn inside out and cool iron delicate garments

4. Storing
  • Never hang knitwear when storing
  • Avoid storing garments in damp areas or in areas with no air passages

5. Fabric Care

CottonCotton is natural fibre, and can shrink up to 5% on first wash. Use Hot steam iron before wearing. Wash in cold water as warm water can shrink cotton garments. Wash dark colours seperately

WoolAs a general rule, wool does not wash and should be dry-cleaned. But if you have to wash wool, wash it in cold water to preserve the thread quality in fabric. Wool should not be washed regularly. Do not hang to dry, as your garment will loose its shape. Do not heat to dry as your garment may shrink. Do not iron wool, but you can use steam on the under side of the garment.

SilkSilk is very delicate fibre. Should be dry cleaned. If you must wash it, it should be hand washed with suitable soap to help the garment retain its shape. Avoid spin drying and tumble drying.

LinenWash in cold water by hand. Avoid tumble drying. Use a hot iron on your garment before folding or hanging up, as linen can easily crease.

DenimWash denim before wearing. Wash in cold water and use low heat drying to avoid shrinking.

Viscose/RayonIron at low heat as it may wrinkle easily depending on the fabric blend. Try to avoid pegging garment on the clothing line as the pegs can leave indents when fabric is wet. Some garments are dry cleanable only. Hand or machine wash in cold or lukewarm water. Do not tumble dry. Do not twist when it wet, as it may stretch. Iron at cool temperature with no steam.

AcetateAcetate is better to be washed in warm water by hand. Do not tumble dry. It can melt under heat and from chemicals, like nail polish and nail polish remover. Do not soak, twist or wring dry acetate. Use cool iron, and place a light cloth between iron and garment.

PolyesterWash in cold or warm water, and use a fabric softener. Low temperature iron inside out, with no steam, as it is sensitive to heat. Some garments with polyester may be dry cleaned only. Check the manufacturer’s label.

ElastaneElastane is often blended with another fabric like denim or cotton to add a bit of stretch to otherwise stiff fabrics. Generally use cold or lukewarm machine wash. Be sure to use a cool iron. Hang to dry.

AcrylicAcrylic is great alternative to wool as it is easier to wash and dry. Can be machine washed in warm water and placed in a dryer at a low temperature. Add a fabric softener to keep soft and fresh. Iron at low temperature.

NylonIt is sensitive to heat, so iron at very low temperature with no steam if you do need ironing. Wash in cold or warm water.

Many fabrics are blended with two or more fibres now. The characters improved, and make the garment care much more easier. But no matter how easy, the very first thing you need to do is to read the manufacturer’s care label.
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